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Welcome to the Bible Club 

For lack of the correct word to call the group, the Rectory suggested the Bible Club. 

Goal of the group: Complete reading the whole Bible in a year (2020).

Book: Bible in a Year; Your Daily Encounter with God by Tim Gray

Group meeting: 1-2 times a month preferably 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 

at 1lAM in the church hall. This is optional. 

The next meeting will be on: (Please contact Luchie [301-335-2132] for the day/time) - church hall.


How to accomplish our goal?

  1. Make a firm commitment to complete reading the book for the whole year.
  2. Set a time and place to read the Bible. The book suggested to read first thing in the morning. As Fr. Larry Richards say "No Bible, no breakfast." Choose the time convenient for you. Choose a place to read that is comfortable, well lighted, and primarily quiet and free from distractions. Tum off your cell phone or leave it behind. It takes 30 days to form a habit. So for the first 30 days, do it religiously.
  3. If you have people around, tell them that you need 20 minutes of quiet time.
  4. The schedule should not interfere with your activities or your work.
  5. Make the time and place as a schedule. Put it in your calendar.
  6. Call on the Holy Spirit to guide, lead, and enlighten you before reading. You will be conversing with God, so do it from the heart.
  7. Two prayers of the Holy Spirit are attached.
  8. A "buddy" will be assigned to you or you can choose who your buddy. Talk with each other as to when to call you, how often to call, time to call for
  9. a reminder. If the 2 of have time, talk what word speak to you most. Why?
  10. I assumed the best one is the person with similar schedules as yours.
  11. Do not despair or stop reading if you have few mishaps. We are not perfect. It will happen. God accepts us from where we are. The most important thing is that you keep on trying. Try to catch up. Call on our Blessed Mother for help or your favorite saint/s. Remember it is not you but with God's help we can accomplish things. We can finish reading the Bible in a year.
  12. I am open for suggestions and recommendations.  Luchie (301) 335-2132. Thank you for joining the Bible Club.







  •  Come Holy Spirit Prayer
  • 2020 Calendar
  • Chronological Index to the Books of the Bible
  • Abbreviations for the Books of the Bible || Alphabetical Index to the Books of the Bible
  • Periodic Self-Assessment
  • Resources
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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning - John 1:1-2 NIV